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Elder Abuse

STOP Elder Abuse and Neglect

Elder Abuse and Neglect affects the wellbeing of our older population, and is really not what they deserve given that they helped build this beautiful nation. While our population is ever so eager to chastise the adult children of abandoned old folks which regularly feature in the front pages of our newspapers nowadays, many a times, elder abuse and neglect occurs inadvertently with the perpetrators unaware that their behaviour is unacceptable. Other times, its the consequence of the overstressed caregiver who is having to cope with earning a living, raising a young family as well as caring for their older parent.

Don't be a bystander! Unless we do something, the absolute numbers of older persons being abused will increase. Not decline in moral values, but simple mathematics! Prevention of elder abuse is everybody's business. Download our position statement now, and find out how you can help buck this trend.

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