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Strategic Plan

The Malaysian Society of Geriatric Medicine's Eight Strategic Pillars for Development of Geriatrics Services in Malaysia.

To support the eight pillars for expansion of geriatrics services in Malaysia, the Malaysian Society of Geriatric Medicine also recommends Six Global Strategies (GS) as cross-cutting measures.

GS 1

To upskill geriatric work- force in leadership management and service development.

GS 2

To conduct dialogues with policy makers affiliated societies and other stake- holders to streamline our objectives and strategies.

GS 3

To boost the membership of MSGM through special interest groups.

GS 4

To develop toolkits to aid and speed up the development of services and implementation of position statements/ guidelines.

GS 5

To ensure inclusiveness of all ethnic groups, with specific attention to our indigenous population.

GS 6

To support, generate and implement research throughout all our programmes. 

The MSGM has produced its strategic planning which will hopefully lead us towards comprehensive geriatrics services led by 350 geriatricians by 2030. For a copy of this report, please download either the slide or document version below.

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MSGM report for the Development of Geriatrics Service in Malaysia

(Presentation Slides Format)

Open PDF

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MSGM report for the Development of Geriatrics Service in Malaysia

(A4 Pages Format)

Open PDF

If you have problem viewing the material or would like us to email you a soft copy, please contact us.

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